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"I got the TRO filter cover a few weeks ago. TrofeoDesigns
It's very nicely made and is gonna make the oil changes a lot easier. I noticed with the jack bolt method, the bolts dig into the sump casing and leave marks. Over time that's just a bad idea. I never bought anything from TRO, but Teague who handled my order couldn't have been a nicer guy. 100% would do business with TRO again."

"AMS Ducati is where i got my cover and it works well, I thought you were referring to a sump protector."

"I put the pin in and use large vise grips to pull down. Still takes effort but it's easier than the 3 bolts."

"I also ordered the TrofeoDesigns oil filter cover to replace the OEM, the factory one is shit engineering and is way too difficult to remove effectively.. my first thought was to tap the OEM through holes up to about an 8mm so I could use brass-tipped jacking screws to evenly press it off. But the Trofeo unit has a removable pin to grab which is arguably quicker and more refined."


We don't F around with customer service - we treat people like we'd want to be treated if we bought high quality parts from them.


"Probably the best customer service experience I've ever had and I'm 58 years old..."

One of TRO designs best compliments!


"Hi Teague!
They are perfect. I shared these pics with a good friend of mine [      ]. He is the service manager at Ducati [      ]. 
They service many bikes there as well as taking care of many customer bikes that they prep for track days at Circuit Of The Americas. He is tired of replacing oil sumps. Even their factory tool, damages the sump. Hope
It brings you some biz!! Thanks again for these parts and the great support!"

Ducati V4 Superleggera Magnesium Nickel Boron Nitride Plated

"Just wanted to say thanks for designing and producing the only oil filter cover that I’m aware of for the Panigale V4s. The OEM style is a pain and seems extremely flawed for Ducati to have really given any thought to. Your cover went in extremely well and the fitment was superb. You can add the Ducabike 3D sump guard to your compatibility list if you don’t already have it (I was mistaken in my previous emails. I forgot I ended up buying the Ducabike guard). "

TRO Designs Ducati Panigale V4s Filter Cover Review
"Just want to tell you how good your master links are. I put miles on for work and I’ve had at least 3 oem/generic links go missing. With yours lasting close to 7k miles and it still being on I think it’s safe to say I’m sold on the product. I also appreciate how simple the design is and grateful you decided to produce it. People say to rivet, but only because no one thinks to make the easier way better. Thank you sir, just one less thing to worry about."