Repairing the "Non-Serviceable" Ducati Eccentric Hub


The words that send most straight to Ducati to fork out the $817.37 USD needed for a new sealed assembly - repair parts are not offered for the eccentric hub.

Then there's those who take it as a challenge to do the exact opposite and see what's inside that mysterious hub assembly.

And you'll be glad you did. For mechanical degenerates, this finely designed aluminum piece offers a feast for the eyes. The large casting weighs not nearly as much as you'd expect, especially for something HOLDING YOUR REAR WHEEL ON while transmitting huge amounts of torque.

The interior of it has thin-ish walls with some webs reinforcing it strategically. Pristine bearing bores are machined perfectly concentric with the large outside diameter of the part. And with the toothed eccentric adjuster on its side, this thing really is doing many jobs at once. Bravo to its designer!

Whether a beastly mechanic over-torqued the hub clamp fasteners, or you're some savage who's put huge mileage on a Ducati, the effect is the same: eventually you may need to replace the Eccentric Hub.

For less than a quarter of Ducati's price and a few hours bonding with your superbike, though, you can restore that beautifully designed Italian part to be as good as new. This video from TRO designs will show you exactly how: 

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